Mailpoet WooCommerce Add-on

If you want to integrate or connect your Mailpoet lists with the product of your WooCommerce store, then the only thing you need is the “WooMailpoet” plugin.

WooMailpoet is an add-on for WooCommerce which let you configure autoresponders in MailPoet, and send them to the customer who buys the product the autoresponder specifically is set up for.

Let us show you how this works:

Create a Mailpoet list where you want your customers to be added on after purchase of a certain product

Select the created Mailpoet list when configuring your product in WooCommerce

Mailpoet Woocommerce Add-on

After a customer has purchased this product they will be automatically added to the configured MailPoet list, and an automatic mail will be send if there is any.

Kinda awesome right?

You can download the WooMailpoet plugin for a limited time for just

(Including 1 year support & updates)