How do I install the WooMailPoet plugin?

WooSm1. Install WooMailPoet by uploading the files to your server through FTP, or by uploading the .zip file to the backend of your WordPress website.

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3. Activate your license key. As a submenu of the settings menu you will see the button “WooMailpoet” which will bring you to the settings page of this plugin.

4. Now should now be able to see the ‘Autoresponder’ tab in the WooCommerce Product Data section.

How do I add a list to a WooCommerce product?

While you are on the WooCommerce product adding page, you will see the “Autoresponder” tab in the product details section.
In that tab, you can see the MailPoet mailing lists which you have already created.
Select one or more list(s) to which you want to subscribe the customer when they order a

Also configure when the customer will be added to the list in the buyer process based on the order status.

You can also create a new mailinglist on the spot if needed.

When will a subscriber be added to the MailPoet list?

You can configure when a customer will be added to your list based on the order status. As soon as the particular order status is effectual, the customer is added to the list.

For example: your configurations = Add customer to mailing list “Course X” when order status is “completed”. Then the customer will only be added to the “Course X” mailinglist as soon as the payments is made and the order is finished having the order status “completed”.

Will a subscriber be notified once they have been added to a product mailing list?

MPSmNo, there is no confirmation or notification sent to the user. You can manage this yourself by using MailPoet to create an autoresponder e-mail to send to a user immediately after they have been subscribed to a list.